Kings & Queens Basketball Academy

About us

Our Mission

Why Kings & Queens? Transparency: Kings & Queens Basketball Academy trains hundreds of recreational, competitive, and AAU athletes every season. Currently we train out of multiple locations within the DFW metroplex. Our staff collaborate to identify each player’s strengths and weaknesses; they provide honest feedback and formulate customized workouts, drills, and training best suited for the athlete’s development. We emphasize that the fundamentals of repetition, along with hard work during and outside of practices are essential to maximizing development.

  • Building

    Building an environment of trust and respect among each other.

  • excellence

    Demand excellence from both players and coaches.

  • education

    Providing an environment where education comes first.

  • pride and confidence

    Promoting pride and confidence within players.

  • sportsmanship

    Teaching players to value good sportsmanship.

Our President Welcome Message

Welcome to Kings & Queens Basketball Academy! I am excited and humbled to serve as the President and Founder of Kings & Queens Basketball Academy. Kings & Queens could not be what it is today without the foundation of its countless volunteers and board members' commitment each season. All volunteers provide a tremendous amount of their time so our players can learn how to play the game correctly and foster their growth in sportsmanship and leadership.

Kings & Queens is more than a basketball academy; it's a community where families create lifelong friendships and memories together. I am so proud of this Organization that I  call home.

Go Kings & Queens!