"When I first heard of Coach King, I immediately loved his energy and how he pushed his athletes. I felt like my kids needed that energy and extra push to help them get to the next level.  I love how he motivates my kids.  They know when they step into that gym, they have to give 100% because he accepts nothing less. Coach improved my kids’ knowledge of the game, improved their skillset and mentally prepared them for the game. He continues to motivate them on and off the court and I love the personal relationship he has developed with my kids."


"Desmond has created something special for these kids. It’s not just about sports, he cares about their future. What other organization offers tutoring once a week in all subjects free of charge for any child who needs it? You will only find one I promise.. Kings and Queens..
He also has a heart. It’s not about growing an organization so he can profit from it, It’s about him making a difference in a child’s life. I personally know that he will make sure kids who want to play but are going through hardships out of their control get to play even if it means he doesn’t profit.
HE IS AN AMAZING PERSON with a great organization."


"Coach King energy, passion and intensity is unmatched. Very intense workouts designed for your specific skill set. He helps you develop multiple variations of moves as well as teaching you how to analyze the defense and make the correct play."


"Coach King is amazing!!! He really work with all of the kids to make sure they are the best. Very friendly and professional. I really give Kings and Queens Basketball TEN STARS!!!"


"Kings & Queens Basketball Academy is one of best basketball programs in DFW. Coach King and his staff is amazing. We have been apart of this program for 5 years and don’t plan on going ANYWHERE. Go Kings & Queens."